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Strategic advice and representation for cannabis organizations

Business & Commercial Law

Regulatory Affairs

& Administrative Law

Government Affairs


Business & Commercial Law

Entity Formation & Business Planning

Given ever-changing state and local regulations, it is critical that cannabis organizations are structured appropriately. Anthony Law Group helps clients comply with current laws, meet organizational demands, and develop resilience for shifting legal requirements and evolving business needs.

Corporate & Transactional

As the industry adapts to a regulated environment, transactional matters like contracts, financing, and mergers and acquisitions are increasingly relevant to cannabis entrepreneurs. Anthony Law Group advises clients on both corporate governance matters and the many contractual aspects of running a commercial cannabis operation.

Business Strategy & Industry Advice

Operating a successful cannabis business requires more than mere legal representation. In addition to providing skilled legal counsel, Anthony Law Group offers strategic advice to cannabis organizations in all aspects of their business.

Land Use Litigation

Cannabis continues to mystify many governments and policymakers. Working on behalf of individual operators and organized coalitions, Anthony Law Group has extensive experience fighting government efforts to shut down cannabis businesses. 

Regulatory Affairs

& Administrative Law

Licensing & Permitting

For each type of commercial cannabis activity, businesses must have a city or county permit and a state license. With a comprehensive understanding of state licensing and local permitting, Anthony Law Group is well equipped to help all types of cannabis organizations obtain the necessary authorizations to operate compliantly.

Regulatory Counsel & Advice

California's dual licensing system for regulating cannabis operators means that there is a lot of bureaucracy to navigate, and every local government in California approaches compliance in its own way. Anthony Law Group's attorneys and policy specialists help clients in all segments of the industry to understand constantly shifting compliance requirements and organize their businesses accordingly.

Compliance Audits & Operational Plans

Each of California's 500-plus cities and counties maintains different regulatory requirements for security, ownership, hiring, supply chain and inventory management, odor and noise control, water and energy use, and dozens of other regulatory issues. Anthony Law Group assists clients in conducting compliance audits and developing operational plans and standard operating procedures (SOPs) for all types of cannabis business.

Regulatory Enforcement & Administrative Appeals

A multitude of new and existing regulatory agencies are involved in enforcing cannabis industry rules and regulations. Anthony Law Group protects cannabis operators from adverse administrative decisions, including license denials and revocations, civil and administrative penalties, and other unfavorable enforcement actions.

Real Estate & Zoning Analysis

Cannabis businesses must ensure that they can operate legally in a particular location, but this can be a daunting task when there are 540 local jurisdictions in California alone, each with a different approach to land-use regulation. Anthony Law Group analyzes zoning classifications, sensitive-use restrictions, and commercial real estate markets to assist clients in identifying and securing properties that are aligned to their business plan.

Government Affairs


Sensible cannabis regulations are possible when the industry has a seat at the table. Anthony Law Group engages with all levels of government and at all stages of the public policy process, including educating elected officials about the cannabis industry, drafting and advocating for pro-business legislation, and lobbying for a just application of the law.

Ballot Measures & Campaigns 

In some cases, cannabis policy is best shaped at the ballot box. Working on behalf of individuals and coalitions alike, Anthony Law Group has a track record of running successful local initiative  and referendum campaigns to reform laws and create an environment where cannabis businesses can operate successfully.

Coalition Building & Trade Association Management

Organizing is often the most effective way to improve laws and regulations. As the cannabis industry develops, so does the opportunity to build local coalitions to amplify the political power of the industry. Anthony Law Group assists cannabis businesses in building and managing trade associations and executing political strategies to improve the regulatory environment for cannabis businesses.